The suffragettes and the issues surrounding disability in the 20th century.

[1] Here is a photo of suffragettes attending a rally in Hyde Park on Women's Sunday, 21st June 1908. The photo was taken by Christina Broom, the UK's first woman press photographer. Why did women not gain the right to vote until 1918? There are many reasons as to why women did not receive the... Continue Reading →

Retracing the journey of the women’s suffrage pilgrims through Kent in 1913 by Aimee Marshall 1913 saw the great pilgrimage to London involving thousands of women suffragists. Organized by the National Union of Women’s Suffrage Societies (NUWSS) as part of their non militant campaign to persuade Britain’s lawmakers to pass legislation to give women the... Continue Reading →

Blackheath’s vital suffrage role

Written By Amy Calvert There’s not many places in the UK that have been the location of so many significant historical events as Blackheath has. Wat Tyler’s peasants’ revolt in 1381 came to Blackheath before it’s defeat in the capital, Henry VII’s men squashed the 1497 Cornish rebellion there and fun-loving Charles II greeted his... Continue Reading →

A Role Model of a Blackheath Headteacher

Written By Lynne Dixon Imagine having a headteacher that leaves leaflets of a political nature around the school!  This seems to be what Miss Gadesden of Blackheath High did as she spread her views on women’s suffrage. Miss F. Gadesden - Florence Marie Armroid Gadsden (the original spelling of her name), born in Paris in... Continue Reading →

Elizabeth Crooks, Herstory

Written By Lynne Dixon, June 2018 Will Crooks, the popular Labour MP for Woolwich in the early 1900s, notably has a high profile in history, but finding out about the wife of a well known man like Crooks presents difficulties. Why? Wives manage to be hidden behind their husbands, not only in public life but also... Continue Reading →

Greenwich Book Fest: SUFFRAGE PLAYS

On Saturday 16 June 2018 a series of suffrage plays will be performed at Greenwich Theatre, Crooms Hill, London SE10 8ES as part of the commemorations of the suffrage centenary. Greenwich100 will be there too, holding two EqualiTeas tea parties, which will be an opportunity to show off the exhibition "Beyond the Suffragettes" and the... Continue Reading →

Suffrage Showcases: John Stuart Mill

Of course! Men, too played a huge role in fighting for gender equality and suffrage. We can't assume that every man in Britain was misogynistic and ignorant of women's struggles, because many were just as passionate about 'the cause' as Fawcett and the Pankhurst's. John Stuart Mill was a huge equality player that paved the... Continue Reading →

Woolwich’s Suffrage Story

Written by Amy Calvert Woolwich has more than earned its place on the suffrage map. The London district has a rich, interesting and entertaining history (in some instances!) when it comes to suffrage within the Royal Borough of Greenwich. Woolwich's involvement in issues surrounding female enfranchisement was regularly documented in the London Newspapers. Woolwich non-believer... Continue Reading →

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